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Power. Reliability.

No need for installation and commissioning. Our plug -and-play system integrates into your environment immediately and with unsurpassed reliability.

Industries We Serve

With over 50 years of innovation and design, our DEA range of electro-hydraulic actuators has become a unique, universally-accepted and versatile electro-hydraulic product.
We provide the mining sector with tough and efficient electro-hydraulic actuators for a wide variety of linear motion functions.

Our enclosed hardened-steel casing makes the DEA range of actuators a perfect fit at refineries to avoid tampering and contamination.


We supply a number of power generation facilities with specialised actuators.

Oil & Gas

The DEA electro-hydraulic actuators are suited wear and tear of oil and gas rigs.

Bulk Materials

Simplify bulk materials handling and sorting more efficiently with our actuators.

How it Works

By utilising hydraulic oil as an operating medium, the DEA range of actuators provide a versatile and efficient means of transferring power from an electric motor to a linear motion.

Why Dabeb-Elram?

Since 1969 these machines have been distributed worldwide with great success and have operated in some of the worlds harshest environments.

Our Expertise

For more than 50 years we've supplied our products to handle the toughest tasks.

Cost-Efficient Quality

Efficient installation and a fully-enclosed solution ensure reliability and efficiency.

Precision Engineering

Each DEA actuator is designed and manufactured with care and attention to detail.

Proven Reliability

Tried and tested in the world's toughest conditions, our fully-enclosed unit is protected from contaminants and tampering.

Ease Of Use

Plug-and-play reduces the need for commissioning while the compact design enables a closer mounting solution.

Customer Service

We go above and beyond to ensure our customers get what more than they asked for at every level.

The DEA Electro Hydraulic System

The main components are all housed within a fully sealed casing, which also serves as the fluid reservoir.

Extend and retract control is achieved by bi-directional operation of the electric motor, which means less control wiring and less potential for maintenance-related breakdowns.

The absence of interconnecting pipework associated with conventional power packs reduces the possibility of leaks and makes for simple installation.

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