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Generally 4-6 weeks from date of the purchase order, depending on the workload in the workshop.

50% deposit with the placement of the order and the balance prior to dispatch. Account customers 2.5% discount for 30 days from date of invoice.

Dabeb’s turn around time is 24 hours, provided we have received all the relevant information from our protentional client.

Generally 4-6 weeks from date of the purchase order and COD customers from date of 50% deposit payment. BREAK DOWN units are repaired within 2 weeks of receipt of purchase order depending on the extent of damage to the unit.

New and fully repaired units receive a full 12 months guarantee.

In coal and gold mining, steelworks, nuclear and fossil-fired power stations, waterworks, sewerage works, offshore and the marine industry.

They are Self-contained, with no hydraulic pipework to install, Completely sealed units, Adjustable range of thrust and speed, No filtration required, No solenoids are required, Ultra-low maintenance.

The thrust requirements, stroke length and speed of actuation(if applicable)

Please submit the serial number which is found on the nameplate. If the nameplate has been removed, there is a series of hard stamped numbers on the unit which will be found on major flanges.